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Downtown Eau Claire is an amazing place to visit, with endless dining, shopping, recreational and entertainment options. Now imagine calling it HOME.

With hundreds of apartments and lofts within walking distance of your favorite venues, Downtown Eau Claire offers an urban lifestyle without the big city rent. Choose from apartments or lofts, single or multi-person, historic or modern apartments, and every mix in-between. You’ll join a community of over 3,500 people that have chosen Downtown, just like you.

WELCOME HOME to Downtown Eau Claire!

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Want your Downtown apartment listed? Contact us.

South Barstow District Phone
Campus Area Housing (715) 839.6807
Cigan Porperties (715) 834.2500
Cramer Rentals (715) 271.7660
Daniel Goelzer (715) 834.9990
Elmer Steinmetz (715) 832.7808
Investment Realtors (715) 832.0022
JCap Real Estate (715) 831.3994
River Edge Apartments
River Plaza Apartments (715) 832.8707
Fire House Apartments (715) 456.2486
The Venue Apartments (715) 379.2992

North Barstow District
Cigan Properties (715) 834.2500
Eau Claire Rentals (715) 318.1122
E&B Rentals (715) 832.7808
GGG, LLC (715) 834.3856
Investment Realtors (715) 832.0022
Phoenix Park Neighborhood (715) 839.1212
Riverfront Terrace LLC (715) 832.8707
YMB Rentals (715) 832.2222
Zafree Properties (715) 215.1606
Biscuit Lofts (888) 285.5082

Water Street District
Dooley Properties (715) 834.2388
Investment Realtors (715) 832.0022

* Downtown Eau Claire does not keep availability on record. Please contact the owner for availability.

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