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Map of Wisconsin

Eau Claire is located in the northwestern part of the state of Wisconsin. Use this map to pinpoint the location of Eau Claire in relation to Madison, Milwaukee, The Twin Cities, and other cities in Wisconsin. It also shows the Chippewa and Eau Claire Rivers.

Wisconsin Map 2
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Map of Downtown Districts

This is the map derived from the Hyett Palma's Study conducted in 2001. The boundaries shown in this map show where downtown Eau Claire is located according to the study.

Downtown Districts
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Context Map of Phoenix Park

This is an interesting map that displays the contents of Phoenix Park. It includes the sidewalks/trails that run through the park, the Farmer's Market pavilion, and the labyrinth.

Phoenix Park
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Locational Map for Phoenix Park

This map shows you where Phoenix Park is located within the city of Eau Claire. It also clearly illustrates the confluence of the Eau Claire and Chippewa Rivers, which is where Phoenix Park is located.

Locational Map of Phoenix
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Parking Map for Central Downtown

Take the mystery out of parking downtown with this handy cheat sheet map of public parking lots. You can also browse our parking brochure, which contains further information to help you navigate the parking situation downtown.

Permit Parking Map - It also includes permit parking info for downtown employees. Click here to view rates.

Downtown Parking Map
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Map of Bike Trails Downtown

If you're planning a bike trip to downtown Eau Claire, this is a handy little map to have. It shows the trails and routes, so you won't get lost!

Bike Routes - A great brochure/map of downtown bike trails and routes.

Bike Trail map
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Map of Bike Racks Downtown

There are plenty of places downtown to park your bike! Check out this map to help you decide where to park your bike on your next trip to South Barstow.

Bike Rack map
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